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Finding beauty in its rarest forms

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

There is beauty all around us and so much to take in

How do you find this beauty when you are recovering from heartbreak? This can be from a relationship, job loss or cutting ties from friends or family

The rebuilding process is normally tedious and challenging but good news is to stay focused on beautiful moments in life helps the process move along really well.

Beauty is you and what makes you happy. In order to do this you would need to dismantle the limiting beliefs you may have.

Sometimes we have them and do not even realize they exist. Some of these limiting beliefs are ( you will never get the job your hearts desires , or meet the person of your dreams) these are some of them.

Even procrastination or failure to plan things out falls under the same category as limiting beliefs. As mentioned before finding your beauty in the midst of your journey.

Sticking it through with your core values these are essential to your well-being. These are traits or beliefs you believe in such as ( marriage, love, family, and power) this is just to name a few of course there could be more.

In fact the more the better

With these core values they keep you on track with life and your goals. so whenever the limiting beliefs start to occur which they may because life has many curve balls trust the process of your journey and keep your Core values in mind and heart.

It took me a some time to get to place where I am today. I was effected the by limiting beliefs syndrome I lost my mother when I was 18 years old and transitioning to college was exciting but not easy at all.

What my goals is to assist you on journey of happiness and have you embrace the beauty in all that you go through.

I believe in life lessons not mistakes as mentioned in my previous blog “ Health the golden ticket to wealth” looking around you and making sense of everything. Just as a wise friend once told me

Things don’t happen to you they happen for you. If you are like me in any way my biggest blessings comes from my lessons that I have learned. It is important to embrace every sadness event or even those that may have angered you in some ways.

Knowing who you are and your purpose in life will help guide you in the right direction. With Gosh your Gorgeous we will guide you and break down those limiting beliefs as well as get you on a amazing plan to success. It

It is important to figure out who you are. The beautiful part of about is there is no age limit to finding yourself and refocusing on your Core Values.

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