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Master The Art Of Joy

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

“Follow Your Heart even if you don’t have a reason. Stars will light up your path and never mislead you”    


4 steps to getting your inner peace and move toward your Happy Place 

What is a happy place ? Your happy place is your mental state of calmness and peace. Imagine the island of your dreams, the nice white sand ,the clear blue ocean and sunny skies. In this blog you will learn how to get there from being off balanced and how to remain in high vibration when life brings you complications. 

1. Let’s start with a quick breathing exercise if you can go to a nice and quiet area. Now that you are here close your eyes and breath in and wait 5 seconds and slowly breath out. We are going to be doing this 5 times. That way you will be very relaxed and at a place of serene. This is called the process of visualization . Your eyes are still closed, now visualize the happiest place you have been or experience. By the way there is no time frame on this. If this was some years ago that is perfectly fine. So now that you are in this moment you want to experience the emotion you were feeling. This is your happy place so I know it is going to be amazing. Now sit in this emotion for 7 minutes visualizing the the state of mind you are in and think to yourself quietly why was this particular moment so special.  Here are some tips to think about in this moment: was it a place, family, friends ect that made it special. 

2. The next step is gratitude  now that you are up from meditating. You want to grab a pen and paper I would highly recommend to use a journal for this next exercise. However, if it is not in reach then just use the tools you have. Now you have activated the endorphins and serotonin in your brain. Write 3 reasons you are grateful. If you can write more than that is wonderful. Expressing gratitude will help you to stay present in the moment and keep you lifted in high vibration!

3. Words of affirmations while playing soft meditation music. I definitely would recommend playing the music while you're saying it because it calms your mind. Especially when doing this after work or a long day. You want to say your affirmations 3 times a day The reason for your words of affirmation is you are claiming and speaking it

into existence. Long as you are in the right alignment you will get it. Here are some examples of affirmations 

I am what I want and I attract the love of my life thats a reflection of the high vibration of me”  “ I am a magnet to…… please fill in the blank ( wealth, soulmate, abundance ect) Side note: when you say your affirmations do not have any doubt or limitations. If you need assistance with getting rid of limiting beliefs I do have another blog “ self awareness what's the point” I go over how to get rid of these. With the proper coaching you will become the master of  manifestation. You can get a session from goshyourgorgeous

4. The final step is you channel your new found Confidence and know you are the love and using all the steps above you will find and stay in your happy place with peace and tranquility. 

With love - Coach Arcy

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