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Health the Golden ticket of Wealth

Does health equate to wealth?

to answer this question I would say yes. Being healthy does include your mental state of mind, physically and spiritually. Ensuring you are in the right alignment with your higher self.

I am sure for most people this may come off as easier said than done. With the right guidance everyone can get on their right path in life.

How does one get in tuned with their spirituality and purpose from God?

It is very imperative eat the “right the foods” nuts, fresh fruits and lean protein. In addition, staying grounded in the present moment’s unfortunately many people tend to live in the past or future.

To be honest with you all I have experienced that myself because it is so easy to get caught up in the past learning lessons or jumping into the future. The reason why the past is seen as learning lessons and not mistakes is because mistakes can be attached to regrets and the past lessons are there to help mold us and keep in mind to not repeat the same cycles.

Taking time for yourself is very important and staying grounded. Going outside or staying productive helps increase your stimuli to get things done around

What I love to do is go for long walks around the lake. This helps me to stay in the present moment I notice how green the grass is and the beautiful clear blue water with the mallard and hen ducks swimming around.

Most of the time after my walk I tend to take my shoes off and lay under a tree with my journal and write all my collective thoughts with my dreams. It is so busy out there and not to mention with covid 19 going on it can be a distraction. It is important to stay focus have fun while you are learning about yourself.

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