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Self-Awareness "What's the Point"

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered why sometimes if not most of the time you may feel exhausted to the point you forgot what day it is or if you are coming or going?

Or if you believe are caught up doing for something good for someone else and your energy is not replenished in return. Yes and to be completely honest I have been there too.

It is such a bummer when you have lost track of yourself or your God given talent. As mentioned before you are not alone and in fact you have come to the right place to seek guidance

A lot of times many of us are taught to give and give because this is the “right thing to do”. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving just as long you don’t lose yourself in the midst of it.

If this happens then this is what I would recommend take a few steps back and get back on track with your purpose and your creativity. I can remember a time where I was so swamped from everyday life

Ie( worked, artistic dreams mending and building friendships) for the others out there with children out there. I commend you all because I KNOW it is not easy. Let’s dive into the why you are all here

What is the point of Self-awareness? Well the point of it all is that you matter and without you being here and your utilizing your gifts the world. I honestly believe we all created and given all of our designed

With our individual plans set out for us.

The urge that you have in your heart to start the project you always dreamed of that’s your inner you nudging you to listen and make time. I am sure the next question would go as follows.

How do you make time when you’re engrossed in your schedule?

To be completely honest baby steps for those that have a long commute to work you can record yourself or ideas for your future project

Or on your lunch break take to write or jot things down, invest in a journal, planner these two will come in handy when it comes down to being productive

Reading is really vital to us and to be honest I enjoy a really good book that will develop my skills and such.

Here at Gosh your gorgeous our mantra is you are important, beautiful and intelligent and you deserve the very best.

Book a free consultation and I will focus on some of the area you would want to see improvements on and create a beautiful action plan to get you where you need to be

Thriving in your purpose will give you the happiness you always dreamed of

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